What are some famous poker matches ever played?

The Titanic Clash: Johnny Moss vs. Nick 'The Greek' Dandalos

The poker world has seen its fair share of titanic clashes, but none quite as legendary as the one that unfolded between Johnny Moss and Nick 'The Greek' Dandalos. This high-stakes match took place over five months in 1949 and is still remembered as one of the longest ever played. The two men squared off every day for hours on end, reportedly playing for millions of dollars.

While the exact details of the match are somewhat shrouded in mystery, it is said that Moss ended up winning a staggering $2 million from Dandalos. This match not only solidified Moss as one of poker's greatest players, but also gave birth to the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Dandalos's famous words, "Mr. Moss, I have to let you go," after their marathon match are still remembered in poker lore.

The Birth of the World Series of Poker

Speaking of the WSOP, no discussion of famous poker matches can be complete without mentioning its inception in 1970. The event was conceived by Benny Binion, a casino owner in Las Vegas, who invited seven of the best poker players to the Horseshoe Casino for a single tournament.

The tournament was won by Johnny Moss, but what made it truly memorable was the way it was decided - by a vote. Yes, the seven players voted on who they thought was the best among them. This unique format was only used for the first WSOP, but it forever changed the landscape of competitive poker.

The Moneymaker Effect: Chris Moneymaker vs. Sam Farha

One of the most famous poker matches in recent history was the 2003 WSOP Main Event, where an unknown accountant named Chris Moneymaker went head to head with poker pro Sam Farha. With a bluff that has since become legendary, Moneymaker managed to win the match and the $2.5 million prize.

This match is often credited with sparking the modern poker boom, as Moneymaker's win proved that anyone, even a novice, could win big in poker. The event has since been dubbed the 'Moneymaker Effect', and it forever changed the perception of poker as a game of skill rather than luck.

The Durrrr Challenge: Tom Dwan vs. Patrik Antonius

In the world of online poker, few matches have garnered as much attention as the Durrrr Challenge between Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan and Patrik Antonius. The challenge, which began in 2009, saw Dwan offering to pay $1.5 million to anyone who could beat him over 50,000 hands of online poker.

Antonius took up the challenge, and what followed was a thrilling match that lasted over a year. Dwan emerged as the eventual winner, further cementing his status as one of the best online poker players in the world.

The Clash of Titans: Phil Ivey vs. Andy Beal

The match between Phil Ivey and billionaire banker Andy Beal is perhaps one of the most unique in poker history. Beal, an amateur poker player, challenged some of the world's best poker players, collectively known as the 'Corporation', to a series of matches in 2001.

After several rounds of play, it was Ivey who ended up playing Beal in a high-stakes match that saw swings of millions of dollars. Ivey eventually won, taking home $16.6 million. This match not only underscored Ivey's poker skills, but also highlighted the often unpredictable nature of the game.

The Million Dollar Challenge: Daniel Negreanu vs. Viktor Blom

The Daniel Negreanu vs. Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom match in PokerStars' SuperStar Showdown was a high-profile showdown that had the poker world buzzing. The match, which took place in 2011, saw Negreanu challenge Blom to a series of online games with a total of $150,000 on the line.

In the end, Blom emerged victorious, proving that he was indeed a force to be reckoned with in the poker world. This match was notable not just for the high stakes, but also for the level of play displayed by both players, which was nothing short of extraordinary.

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